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New cartoon in the works along with new production name.

2009-04-03 02:28:51 by thejuiceizloose

Well, my official 5th cartoon is currently underway and is roughly 40% complete and should be finished some time in late May or early June. It's been slow going, what with having a day job and all. I am trying quite a few new things in this one, and the end results should be much better than my previous submissions. Also, I have two guys named Don Claxton and Scott Esctte have joined the team and will be helping with the writing and providing most of the voices for this one. And finally, after throwing around several different production names, we landed on one that I believe we will stick with. It's name along with the new website will be unveiled with the release of this cartoon.


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2010-06-17 02:40:55

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