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After an extended hiatus because of school, work, & life in general, we are working diligently to complete two projects before the end of the Summer. The first is an addition to the Bags of Happiness series, and hopefully this one will reach more viewers than the previous one did. The second project is something out of left field, and is in the story boarding stages at the moment. The sequels to "Billy Mays" are being shelved at the moment, as one of the original writers is working on a separate web series at the moment. As soon as we can collaborate, we will continue that story arch.

New projects underway!

2010-08-01 02:24:47 by thejuiceizloose

Well, after taking a week off for family time, it's time to get our noses back to the grind. Here are some updates on a few things that are currently in the works. For those of you who are a fan of the "Billy Mays-Birth of a Salesman" cartoon, we have started writing the second part although this one promises to be a bit of a depature from the first. We have taken to heart many of the criticisms that held the first one back and are looking to improve upon it. Gone of course, is the hated narrator. We aren't sure at this stage if there will even be a narrator to move the story along.

Another series of toons that we will be putting out are Frightened Children shorts that will be around a minute long. Expect these to be released in between larger projects. I may be enlisting the help of a second animator in order to lighten the work load a bit, but that just depends on how hectic school is this semster.

For you horror fans, we are working on an adaptation of a couple Richard Matheson short stories. And no, "I am Legend" isn't one of them. An outside writer will be helping us along to ensure that this project is as close to Matheson's vision as humanly possible. They are lesser known stories out of the immense Matheson collection, but they are nothing short of briliant.

One last thing, the website should be up and running soon. We are tweaking some of the art work and layout for the website. Thanks again newgrounds for the support!

To everyone that is interested, we have merchandise available at ldren

Website with previously unreleased material will be soon, and Billy Mays cartoon drops in two weeks.

Back on track!

2010-05-20 03:17:26 by thejuiceizloose

Yup, we are back on track with our newest cartoon. Finally got a little free time to start working on this one again, and it's roughly 75% complete. Got a few more scenes to animate, and a few things to tweak, and this should be out mid to late June. We decided to split this one into a two parter as well, as it was running long. The run time should be around six to seven minutes for part one. As a teaser, I am releasing a pic to accompany this post to give you guys an idea of what this is about.

Back on track!

School, a kid and a full time job are kicking my ass. Further delaying the newest cartoon which was slated for this month. No idea when we'll have time to complete it, but I'll be sure to update you when we gain some traction.

Pretty stoked by this one, as it is significantly shorter than most of my previous projects. I don't want to give too much away about this one, so let's just say it's an homage to one of the huge celebrities that recntly past. Oddly enough, the story was written well before this person died, so it almost felt like we killed them with our fiction. For those who are interested, I'll be posting a status report periodically during the production. I am hoping to have this one finished within a month, but obviousy with school and working a full time job, extra time is very limited. I am also excited to announce, this will be MY FIRST EVER cartoon animated with a drawing pad. The art work already looks infinitely better than my previous designs with a mouse.


2009-07-23 18:57:26 by thejuiceizloose

The new cartoon is finished! Putting the finishing touches on it, and should be releasing it tomorrow or Saturday. The final product is around 12 minutes long, so get a snack before watching. There were some technical problems however, and what was originally intended as one entry, had to be split into two parts. It doesn't necessarily take away from anything, but I wish I had been able to work figure out why the problems occured when it was in it's original form. However, I am happy with the overall presentation and see it as a vast improvement over my previous entries.(There may be only three people that actually care, so this is for them!) So be on the look out in the next couple of days for Bags of Happiness part 1 and part 2.

Project close to complete.

2009-06-03 03:41:40 by thejuiceizloose

The fifth cartoon is nearing completion and is probably about 90% finished by my estimation. A few personal events have slowed progress down just a bit, but everything seems to be on track for a mid to late June release. This is by far the longest cartoon I've made with run time around 9 minutes already. So much time and work has gone into this, and I will be happy when I am finished with this son of a bitch. Will certainly be tackling less labor intensive projects over the Summer.

Well, my official 5th cartoon is currently underway and is roughly 40% complete and should be finished some time in late May or early June. It's been slow going, what with having a day job and all. I am trying quite a few new things in this one, and the end results should be much better than my previous submissions. Also, I have two guys named Don Claxton and Scott Esctte have joined the team and will be helping with the writing and providing most of the voices for this one. And finally, after throwing around several different production names, we landed on one that I believe we will stick with. It's name along with the new website will be unveiled with the release of this cartoon.

I am currently wrapping up some new material and let's just say it's an infomercial parody. The animation is much improved, although I feel like I can get better. Should be finished within the month, and newgrounds is getting the premeir.